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High power puts stress on the clutch which job is to transfer the engines torque to the transmission. Too much load makes the clutch slip and you can then not use the full power of the engine anymore. Even with a completely standard engine, the clutch runs out sooner or later and must be replaced.

Our clutch kits are adapted to handle everything from stock power and torque to pure racing engines, and are therefore available in several different performances.

All kits are specified with maximum torque the clutch can handle. However, there is usually always a certain margin on these specifications to be able to handle the specified torque during the entire life of the clutch.

In most clutch kits where a flywheel is included, it is of the single mass type. Many of our kits therefore replaces the so often poor dual mass flywheel with a durably single mass lightweight flywheel in chrome moly steel.*

A lite flywheel also has less rotating mass, which give a quicker revability and thus makes the car accelerate faster.

All clutch parts come primarily from Sachs and the flywheels are almost always our special flywheels in chrome moly steel. But sometimes there are alternative products to be able to broaden the range.

Sachs PCS stands for Performance Clutch Systems, which means that the product are designed to withstand higher power/torque than standard. This is NOT rebuilt/painted original pressure plates or discs, but performance parts from the very beginning!

For more info, see the PDF data sheet in the link: PCS

In all kits where a Performance clutch is used we measure the pressure plates clamp load and working travel. We can then if necessary shim the preload for maximum pressure and optimal life-span. This service is included at no extra cost since we consider this should always be included when buying a clutch kit of quality!

* = replacement of dual mass flywheel may cause added gear noise. Read more via the link below:

Dual vs single mass
Bolt kit Bolt kit
Prodnr: 411013311

For standard flywheel

MSRP: 200 SEK excl. VAT
Price: 160 SEK excl. VAT
Central slave cylinder Central slave cylinder
Prodnr: 3182 654 150


MSRP: 864 SEK excl. VAT
Price: 692 SEK excl. VAT
Clutch kit Clutch kit
Prodnr: DLI-1471

~550Nm, torsion organic

MSRP: 11188 SEK excl. VAT
Price: 10288 SEK excl. VAT
Clutch kit Clutch kit
Prodnr: DLI-1472

~550Nm, rigid organic

MSRP: 11484 SEK excl. VAT
Price: 9856 SEK excl. VAT
Clutch kit Clutch kit
Prodnr: DLI-1473-2

~600Nm, torsion sintered 6-paddle

MSRP: 9988 SEK excl. VAT
Price: 9088 SEK excl. VAT
Clutch kit Clutch kit
Prodnr: DLI-1474

~810Nm, rigid sintered 4-paddle

MSRP: 11716 SEK excl. VAT
Price: 10032 SEK excl. VAT
Clutch kit Clutch kit
Prodnr: DLI-1474-5

~810Nm, rigid sintered 5-paddle

MSRP: 10288 SEK excl. VAT
Price: 9388 SEK excl. VAT
Disc Disc
Prodnr: 881864 001735


Rigid sintered 4-paddle

MSRP: 3172 SEK excl. VAT
Price: 2540 SEK excl. VAT
Disc Disc
Prodnr: 881864 999998


Rigid organic

MSRP: 2952 SEK excl. VAT
Price: 2364 SEK excl. VAT
Disc Disc
Prodnr: DLI-4001735

Rigid sintered 5-paddle

Price: 1976 SEK excl. VAT

Flywheel Flywheel
Prodnr: 2295 002 019



MSRP: 9032 SEK excl. VAT
Price: 7224 SEK excl. VAT
Flywheel Flywheel
Prodnr: DLI-062348

Single mass

Price: 4584 SEK excl. VAT

Master Cylinder Master Cylinder
Prodnr: 6284 000 056


MSRP: 872 SEK excl. VAT
Price: 700 SEK excl. VAT
Pilot Bearing Pilot Bearing
Prodnr: 1863 869 047


MSRP: 104 SEK excl. VAT
Price: 92 SEK excl. VAT
Pressure plate Pressure plate
Prodnr: 883082 001394


MSRP: 3636 SEK excl. VAT
Price: 2908 SEK excl. VAT
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