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Clutch kits, separate clutch parts, complete clutch kits with flywheel, pressure plate, disc, release bearing and bolts are availiable to many models.

We are working to add it all up on the website, but please contact us today if you can not find what you are looking for below.


E10 2002Tii 2.0l 130hp M10B20 72-75

E28 524td 2.5D 115hp M21D24 84-88

E28 535i 3.5l 218hp M30B34 85-87

E28 M5 3.5l 286hp S38B35 86-88

E30 318is 1.8l 136hp M42B18 89-91

E30 320i 2.0l 129hp M20B20 86-91

E30 325i 2.5l 170hp M20B25 85-93

E30 M3 2.3l 195-215hp S14B23 87-91

E31 850CSi 5.6l 377hp S70B56 4-96

E31 850i 5.0l 300hp M70B50 90-94

E34 520i 2.0l 150hp M50B20 91-96

E34 525i 2.5l 170hp M20B25 88-91

E34 525TDS 2.5D 143hp M51D25 92-96

E34 530i 3.0l 218hp M60B30 92-95

E34 535i 3.5l 211hp M30B34 88-95

E34 540i 4.0l 286hp M60B40 92-95

E34 M5 3.6l 315hp S38B36 88-92

E34 M5 3.8l 340hp S38B38 92-95

E36 318is 1.8l 140hp M42B18 92-96

E36 318ti 1.9l 140hp M44B19 96-00

E36 320i 2.0l 150hp M50B20 91-95

E36 320i 2.0l 150hp M52B20 95-98

E36 323i 2.5l 170hp M52B25 95-98

E36 323Ti 2.5l 170hp M52B25 97-01

E36 325i 2.5l 192hp M50B25 91-95

E36 325TDS 2.5D 143hp M51D25 93-98

E36 328i 2.8l 193hp M52B28 95-99

E36 M3 3.0l 286hp S50B30 92-96

E36 M3 3.2l 321hp S50B32 96-00

E36 Z3 2.8l 192hp M52B28 97-01

E36 Z3-M 3.2l 321hp S50B32 97-00

E36 Z3-M 3.2l 325hp S54B32 01-03

E39 525i 2.5l 193hp M54B25 00-04

E39 525TDS 2.5D 143hp M51D25 96-00

E39 528i 2.8l 193hp M52B28 96-00

E39 530d 2.9D 184hp M57D30 98-00

E39 530d 2.9D 193hp M57D30 01-04

E39 530i 3.0l 231hp M54B30 00-03

E39 535i 3.5l 235hp M62B35 96-99

E39 540i 4.4l 286hp M62B44 95-03

E39 M5 4.9l 400hp S62B50 97-03

E46 316i 1.8l 115hp N42B18A/N46B18A 02-04

E46 320i 2.2l 170hp M54B22 00-05

E46 325i 2.5l 192hp M54B25 00-05

E46 328i 2.8l 193hp M52B28 98-00

E46 330d 2.9D 184hp M57D30 00-05

E46 330d 3.0D 204hp M57D30/M57N306D2 03-05

E46 330i 3.0l 231hp M54B30 00-05

E46 M3 3.2l 343/360hp S54B32 00-06

E52 Z8 4.9l 400hp S62B50 00-02

E53 X5 3.0l 231hp M54B30 00-07

E60/E61 520d 2.0D 163hp M47D20/N47D20 06-10

E60/E61 525d 2.5D 177hp M57D25 04-07

E60/E61 525d 3.0D 197hp M57D30 (306D3) 07-10

E60/E61 530d 3.0D 218hp M57D30 (306D2) 03-06

E60/E61 530d 3.0D 231hp M57D30 (306D3) 05-07

E60/E61 530d 3.0D 235hp M57D30 (306D3) 2WD 07-10

E60/E61 530d 3.0D 235hp M57D30 (306D3) 4WD 07-10

E60/E61 530i 3.0l 272hp N52B30A 03-05

E60/E61 550i 4.8l 367hp N62B48A/B 06-10

E60/E61 M5 5.0l 507hp S85B50A 05-09

E63/E64 M6 5.0l 507hp S85B50A 05-09

E81/E82/E87/E88 118d 2.0D 143hp N47D20 07-12

E81/E82/E88 123d 2.0D 204hp N47D20 08-12

E81/E87 130i 3.0l 265hp N52B30 07-11

E81/E87/E88 120d 2.0D 177hp N47D20 07-14

E82 1M 3.0T 340hp N54B30A 11-12

E82/E88 125i 3.0l 218hp N52B30A 08-13

E82/E88 135i 3.0T 306hp N54B30A 08-10

E82/E88 135i 3.0T 306hp N55B30A 10-13

E85/E86 Z4-M 3.2l 343hp S54B32 06-08

E88 135i 3.0T 326hp N55B30A 08-13

E90/E91 318D 2.0D 143hp N47D20 07-12

E90/E91 320d 2.0D 163hp M47D20/N47D20 05-12

E90/E91/E92 320D 2.0D 177hp N47D20C 4WD 08-11

E90/E91/E92/E93 320D 2.0D 177hp N47D20A/C 2WD 07-10

E90/E91/E92/E93 320i 2.0l 170hp N43B20A 08-12

E90/E91/E92/E93 325d 3.0D 197hp M57D30/M57N306D3 06-12

E90/E91/E92/E93 325d 3.0D 204hp N57D30A 10-12

E90/E91/E92/E93 330d 3.0D 231hp M57D30/M57N306D3 05-08

E90/E91/E92/E93 330d 3.0D 245hp N57D30A 09-12

E90/E91/E92/E93 335i 3.0T 306hp N54B30A 06-10

E90/E91/E92/E93 335i 3.0T 306hp N55B30A 10-13

E90/E92/E93 M3 4.0l 420hp S65B40A 07-12

F10 525d 2.0D 211hp N47D20D 12-

F10/F11 520d 2.0D 184hp N47D20C 10-

F10/F11 525d 2.0D 218hp N47D20D 12-

F10/F11 535i 3.0T 306hp N55B30A 10-17

F20/F21 M135i 3.0T 320hp N55B30A 13-15

F20/F21 M135i 3.0T 326hp N55B30A 15-

F22/F23/F87 M235i 3.0T 326hp N55B30A 14-
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