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Clutch kits, separate clutch parts, complete clutch kits with flywheel, pressure plate, disc, release bearing and bolts are availiable to many models.

We are working to add it all up on the website, but please contact us today if you can not find what you are looking for below.


Escort VI 2.0l 150hp DH20/N7A 92-95

Escort VI 2.0l 220hp CH20/N5E/N5F/YB 92-95

Escort VII 2.0l 150hp DH20/N7A 95-98

Fiesta V 2.0l 150hp N4JB 05-08

Fiesta V 2.0l 180hp N4JB 05-07

Focus 1.6l 101hp FYDH/Zetec-S 02-05

Focus 2.0l 173hp ALDA/ZH20 01-05

Focus 2.0l 215hp HMDA 03-04

Focus II 2.5l 225hp C25KDTD/HYDA 06-08

Focus II 2.5l 305hp C25KDTD/JZDA 09-11

Focus III 2.3l 350hp C23HD0D/YVDA 16-

Mondeo 2.0l 136hp NGA/ZH20/ZETA 93-96

Mondeo III 2.5l 170hp LCBD 01-07

Mondeo III 3.0l 226hp MEBA 02-07

Mondeo IV 2.0D 140hp C20DD0X/QXBA/QXBB/UFBA 07-11

Mondeo IV 2.5l 220hp Duratec-ST/HUBA 07-10

Puma 1.7l 125hp C16HDEZ/MHA/MHB 98-02

S-MAX 2.2TD 200hp C22DD0X/KNWA 11-15

S-MAX 2.5l 220hp C25KDTD/HUWA 06-10

Scorpio 2.9l 195/207hp CP29/BOB 91-98

Sierra 2.0l 101hp N4B/TL20 87-92

Sierra 2.0l 204hp CH20/N5A/N5B/YB 86-90

Sierra 2.0l 220hp CH20/N5C/N5D/YB 90-93

Sierra 2.8l 145hp PR7/8 87-93

Sierra 2.9l 145hp B4B/C 89-93
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