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DLI Teknik where established in 2003 when the demand for our special manufactured products developed for own project cars had increased so much that there where a reason to start the company and sell the parts professionally.

Our first, and still current, product where special developed engine mounts. In the first instance made to one of the first own poject cars, a Volkswagen Golf G60 2.0l 16V. Later equipped with Lysholm twinscrew supercharger etc.

Since its inception the number of own products has risen with demand, but we also offer many other products from selected manufacturers.

Our goal is to offer products where the quality and best solution is in focus, rather then find the cheapest option.

Since we are a small company, you will always have personal contact with us. We take the time to listen and together with the customer try to find solutions to any problem.

The company is located in Nykvarn, approximately 40km southwest of Stockholm, Sweden.

We hold the F-tax verification and is VAT registered.

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