Silicone hoses
Right now we have a special offer for all Universal* silicone hoses we keep in stock.

"Buy 3, pay for 2"

Campaign prerequisites:

# When you purchase at least 3 pcs silicone hoses you only pay for the 2 pcs with the highest price. That will say you get the 3rd one with the lowest price for free!

# If you choose to purchase 4-5 pcs of hoses you will still get the hose with the lowest price for free. But if you purchase 6-8 pcs you will now instead get the two hoses with the lowest price for free, etc.

The price of the optional hose/hoses is manually removed by us before your order confirmation / invoice is sent out.

Also note that we have a limited number of universal hoses in stock, and it is not possible to order more quantities than specified by each product. So first come first served!

* Universal = not model-adapted hose. The model-adapted hoses are those found under the "Hose kits" menu, and they are not included in this campaign.

Also note that the offer only applies to hoses we keep in stock. Hoses listed with price "On request" and "Stock type: Non-stock item" are therefore not included in this campaign.

45° bends

90° bends

90° red. bends

135° bends

180° bends



Straights red.



Hose clamps

Hose kits
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