Silicone hoses
Right now we have a special offer for all Universal* silicone hoses.

"Buy 3, pay for 2"

Campaign prerequisites:

# When you purchase at least 3 pcs silicone hoses you only pay for the 2 pcs with the highest price. That will say you get the 3rd one with the lowest price for free!

# If you choose to purchase 4-5 pcs of hoses you will still get the hose with the lowest price for free. But if you purchase 6-8 pcs you will now instead get the two hoses with the lowest price for free, etc.

The price of the optional hose/hoses is manually removed by us before your order confirmation / invoice is sent out.

Also note that we have a limited number of universal hoses in stock, and it is not possible to order more quantities than specified by each product. So first come first served!

* Universal = not model-adapted hose. The model-adapted hoses are those found under the "Hose kits" menu, and they are not includes in this campaign.

45° bends

90° bends

90° red. bends

135° bends

180° bends



Straights red.



Hose clamps

Hose kits
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