We have a smaller mechanical workshop for development and prototype manufacturing of new products and specially made items by customers inquiry.

Example of parts we can manufacture

# Bushings (Alloy/Delrin/Spherical bearings/Uniballs)

# Camber plates (Alloy/Steel/Spherical bearings)

# Engine mounts (Alloy/Steel/Polyurethane)

# Flywheels (Steel)

# Pulleys (Alloy/Steel for multi-ribbed belt)

# Rear beam shims (Alloy/Steel)

Workshop jobs we perform

# Machining of flywheels and clutches.

# Mounting of differential in VAG manual gearbox.

# Mounting of gear kit in VAG manual gearbox.

# Measurement and calculation of clutches.

# Welding in Alloy/Steel/Stainless.

Workshop jobs we do not perform

Mounting of the products we manufacture/sell (car workshop).

Please note that all of the services above are only carried out if time is avaliable and that manufacture of our standard products always goes first.

We can almost never take on "express jobs" and the wait is rarely below 2-3 weeks.

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