Holiday closed w.29-312024-07-05
This year our order/office is closed for holiday from 15 July to 2 August.Our telephone hours will also be closed on week 28.

We have therefore set an order stop for new orders until Thursday 11 July. After this no new orders will be handled until order/office reopens.

As usual, we will remove the "buy-button" from the store, so that no one place an order that will still not be able to be handled.

Already received orders will of course be produced and shipped despite the holiday closure. In case of any questions about these, please send an e-mail and we will answer as soon as we can.

We wish everyone a Pleasant summer!
 Welcome to DLI TEKNIK2015-02-26
Welcome to DLI Teknik

We have specialized in special and tuning products for street cars, performance cars and racing cars.

Most of the products we offer has with engine and transmission to do. For example pistons, conrods, flywheels and clutches.

Besides our own products, we always try to choose suppliers who have the highest quality. Quality often cost a little extra, but it means that you usually do not have to buy the same product multiple times.

Examples of our partners are: ACL, ARP, Athena, Boostline, Bosch, Carrillo, Catcams, Cometic, Darton, Forge, Innovate, JE, K1, King Racing, LUK, Manley, Mahle, NGK, PAC, Quaife, Sachs, Siliconhoses, Supertech, SQS, Trend, Wiseco, ZF, ZRP.
 Engine mounts back in stock2024-05-03

We just want to inform you that all our popular engine mounts for Audi/Vw A3/Golf Mk4/Mk5 etc. are now available again.

Thanks to the weak Swedish krona (SEK), it is very advantageous to buy these right now, so take advantage while stocks last!
 2.5l 5cyl 20v TFSI DAZA2023-11-08
We have now stocked up with new products for the Audi 2.5l 5cyl 20v TFSI engine found in the RS3 and TTRS 2017-, also called DAZA or EA855 EVO

See all products such as Cylinder head gaskets, Camshaft, Pistons, Engine bearings, Main stud bolts, Cylinder head bolts, Valve springs, Connecting rods via the link below:

 New engine bearings2021-11-18
New engine bearings

We have now, after several years of waiting (!), finally got real King Racing main bearings for Volvos "White engines"!

The bearings fit for examples:


With engines B4194, B4204, B5202, B5204, B5234, B5244, B5254, B6284, B6294, B6304

The bearings also fit Fords corresponding engines in the models:


With the engines HUBA, HUWA, HYDA, HYDB, HYDC, JZDA, C25KDTD

See all bearings via THIS url.

We already have ACL and King Racing connecting rod bearings for all these engines. These can also be found via the link above.
 Development new product2020-11-19
This is what it can look like when we receive a used, rusty and partially defective dual mass flywheel where the customer wants to change to a corresponding but single mass.

This particular flywheel fits:

Volkswagen T5 2.0TDI 136-140hp: 10-15, CAAC, CAAE, CCHA, CCHB

Let us know if you are looking for the same solution for your car!
 New Clutch kits2020-11-19
New clutch kits

We have now put together new clutch kits to several brands and models.

The kits are based on our single mass flywheels in steel, mixed with Sachs Performance pressure plates and discs in organic or sintered material, and often as torsion dampened or rigid hub.

See more here:

Bmw E81/E87 130i 3.0l 265hp N52B30 07-11

Bmw E82/E88 135i 3.0T 306hp N55B30A 10-13

Bmw E88 135i 3.0T 326hp N55B30A 08-13

Ford Focus ST II 2.5l 225hp C25KDTD/HYDA 06-08

Ford Focus RS II 2.5l 305hp C25KDTD/JZDA 09-11

Ford Focus RS III 2.3l 350hp C23HD0D/YVDA 16-

Opel Insignia 2.8T 325hp A28NER/B28NER 10-

Saab 9-3 II 2.0T 210hp B207R 04-07

Saab 9-3 III 2.8T 280hp B284R 4WD 08-10

Saab 9-5 II 2.8T 300hp A28NER 10-11

Volvo S60 2.4T 260hp B5244T5 05-09

Volvo S60 2.5T 300hp B5254T4 03-08

Volvo V70 II 2.4T 260hp B5244T5 05-07

This is just a few examples of new products, and if you can not find anything to your car, Contact us!
 Valve Guides S50B322020-11-18

We produce and post new products in the store daily, but we are lousy at presenting the news here on the start page. But here is a little news:

We now offer valve guides for the Bmw M3/Z3 S50B32 engine.

See the valve guides HERE
 King Racing Engine Bearings2019-08-09
We are expanding the range and can now offer King Racing range of conrod bearings and crankshaft bearings!

Everything will be added to the store as soon as we get along, but you can already now see all the parts via THIS catalogue.

If you find something interesting, please then contact us with their part number to find out our lowest price!
 Special offer Silicone hoses!2018-12-05

Right now we have a special offer for all Universal silicone hoses.

Purchase 3, only pay for 2

More info can be found in the menu to the left and "Silicone hoses".
 Main Bearing kits VAG 1.8TFSI/2.0TFSI/2.5TFSI2019-05-03

We now offer ACL Main Bearings in their Race series to:

Audi RS3/TTRS: 2009-2014, 2.5l 5cyl 20v TFSI, CEPA, CEPB

Audi A3/A4/A5/A6/TT: 2009-2015, 1.8-2.0l 4cyl 16v TFSI/TSI, CAWA, CCTA, CCZB, CDNC etc.

Vw Golf/Passat/Scirocco etc: 2008-2017, 1.8-2.0l 4cyl 16v TFSI/TSI, BZB, CAWB, CCZA, CCZB etc.

See all bearings HERE
 Valves Saab B2072018-12-06

Supertech have now developed valves, valve guides, valve seals and valve springs for the Saab 9-3 II 2003- 2.0l 4cyl 16v B207 engine.

See all parts via the urls below:

Valves <-> Valve springs
 Camshafts VAG 2.5l 20v2018-10-09
Our partner Catcams have now developed camshafts for the nice 2.5l 5-cyl 20v 07K engine that can be found in Vw Beetle and Jetta IV.

See all available profiles via the url below:

I-5cyl 2.5L 20v DOHC CBTA/CBUA
We are expanding the range and can now offer the entire ZRP range of conrods and crankshafts!

Everything will be added to the store as soon as we get along, but you can already now see all the parts via their own website.

If you find something interesting, please then contact us with their part number to find out our lowest price!

 New flywheels2017-06-08
News in the store

We almost add up new products to the store every day, but usually forget to write something about them here. Therefore, here is a small list of the latest flywheels.

Audi urQuattro 2.2 10v, standard
Audi S2 2.2 20v, 184mm heavy
Audi RS6 4.2l 40v, 200mm
Bmw 220i, standard
Bmw 220i, 184mm
Fiat Punto GT, 200mm
Fiat Grande Punto, standard
Honda Integra DC5, standard+184mm
Honda S2000, 184mm heavy
Jaguar XK + E-type
Jaguar XJ-S
Lexus LS400, 184mm
Mini Cooper S F56, standard
Mini Cooper S F56, 184mm
Toyota GT86, 184mm heavy
Toyota Supra, 200mm heavy
Vw Golf R32, 184mm heavy
Vw Tiguan 1.4TFSI, standard
 New piston kits2017-01-11
JE/Wiseco piston kits

New year often means new products, here are some examples of new piston kits:

Audi A3/TT 3,2l, BDB/BUB

Audi A3/A4/A5/A6/Q3/Q5/TT, 2,0TSI, 22+23mm pin

Bmw 2002Tii, M10B20

Bmw 325, M20B25

Bmw M3, S50B30, extra deep valve pockets

Bmw M3, S50B32, extra deep valve pockets

Citroen C4, EP6DT

Mini Cooper S, N14B16A

Peugeot 207/308, EP6DT

Vw Golf/Passat/Scirocco, 2,0TSI, 22+23mm pin

Vw Golf R32, BFH/BUB

Volvo 740/940, B234F, 13:1

Volvo S80, B6294T

We add more links above when the kits are up in the shop.
 New ACL engine bearings2016-12-07
ACL engine bearings, new kits!

After many requests and now after larger orders ACL have started to develop new main and rod bearing kits in their fine Race series.

Upcoming kits that we believe will be popular are:

Bmw S65B40 (rod)

Bmw S85B50 (rod)

Porsche 911 3,0/3,2l (78-89) (rod)

Porsche 911 3,6/3,8l (964/993) (rod)

Porsche 3,3T (930) (rod)

Saab B201/B202/B204/B205/B234/B235 (rod)

Saab B201/B202/B204/B205/B234/B235 (main)

VAG 1,4TSI (rod)

VAG 1,8/2,0TFSI (rod)

VAG 2,5TFSI (rod)

VAG VR6/R32/R36 (rod)

VAG VR6/R32/R36 (main)

Everything will be added in the store as soon as we get pricing and fill up stock!
 New VAG flywheels2016-11-17
New VAG single mass flywheels in the assortment

Audi S3 2014-

Audi TT/TTS 2014-

Seat Leon Cupra R 2014-

Vw T5 2.0TDI 2010-

Vw T5 2.5TDI 2004-2009

Vw Polo WRC 2014-

Vw Golf 7 R 2014-

 Clutch kit Audi TT RS2016-11-16
New clutch kits

We have now put together some clutch kits to Audi TTRS 2010-2014, which uses the award winning and easily tuned 2,5l 5-cylinder turbo engine.

The kits are based on our lightweight single mass flywheel in steel, mixed with a Sachs Performance pressure plate and Sachs Performance discs in organic or sintered material, and as torsion dampened or rigid hub.

See more here: TTRS
Bmw E46 330d 204hp

After several request we have now developed a new single mass flywheel that completely replaces the standard dual mass on these models.

As usual the flywheel is made in one piece, and of course with integrated ring gear which few others offer, and in best material, chrome moly steel.

To the flywheel both standard and sport/performance clutches fits, which we also offer.

For more information and to order, see the link below:

M57D30 306D2
 Clutch kits2015-11-16
New clutch kits

It´s not easy to know what parts to choose and which parts that fit together when it comes to flywheels and clutches.

Therefore we offer many adapted clutch kits where everything need is included, to for example a rebuild from dual mass to single mass flywheel, or to an upgrade from heavy and cast to lite and forged flywheel and with reinforced clutch.

This is no news, but we very much develop more kits. So send a request with information about your car and with what you want, and we look into what can be made.

The more info we get from you from the start, the less counterquestions you will get. So specify brand, model, year and original power, and then what parts you are looking for.

That will say if it's a conversion of a standard car, or a special build with xxxx Nm in torque.

For real special builds, where often multiple disch clutches are needed, we will ask for some measures of your engine and gearbox to be able to figure out if the parts can be mounted or not.
 01E DOGBOX2015-10-02
01E 4WD Dog-ring

Our Czech partner SQS is currently manufacturing the first series of dogbox gear kits for Audi/Vw's 01E gearboxes.

SQS has in the past year developed two variants of reinforced gear sets and now they go into production.

It will be a 4-speed gear set suitable for drag race, as well as a 6-speed appropriate for road, track and rally. Common is better ratios than the standard, stronger gears, dog-ring shift and reinforced shift forks and axles.

The input shaft as standard is a weak point and will here be in a version with a larger diameter for increased durability. With this you simultaneously must change the clutch disc to one with a larger spline, of course we also offer them through Sachs Performance or Sachs Race.

See more and order via Transmission --> Gear kits --> Audi --> SQS
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