All prices are stated in Swedish kronor (SEK) and exclude applicable VAT, currently 25%. We reserve the right to change the price because of the amended VAT, or abnormally large changes in foreign currency or acquisition values.

Within the EU
If you purchase as a consumer, or as a company without a valid VAT number, 25% VAT will be added to your order.

Outside the EU
Both consumers and companies purchase without added VAT.

All goods is paid in advance by Bank Wire Transfer or Credit card/Paypal. Only the fee for the mode of transport you choose will be added. No other fees.

Since we have multiple stock sites, and also do not have a store or a delivery point in conjuction to our office and workshop, you can unfortunately not pickup your order at our place. All orders are therefore sent via one of the different modes of transport.

The packages are shipped with UPS unless otherwise is agreed.

The package is shipped to your doorstep or the nearest collection point, and the shipping company can come to use your phone number for contact.

For full conditions of carriage, see: UPS

The shipping is set by actual weight or calculated by volume, determined by whichever is the most heavily.

Weight per volume is calculated by 200kg/m³. For example a package that measure 40x40x20cm is rated as 0,4*0,4*0,200=6,4kg, even if the real weight is lower.

See the chart below for approximate shipping prices. Please note that the prices can vary up and down depending on region and where in your country you live. We always charge the lowest possible price, but if you want to know in advance, just ask before you place the order.

1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg

Australia (Canberra), 536 SEK, 983 SEK, 1333 SEK, 1488 SEK

Brazil (Brasilia), 536 SEK, 983 SEK, 1333 SEK, 1488 SEK

Canada (Ottawa), 457 SEK, 850 SEK, 1159 SEK, 1313 SEK

Denmark (Copenhagen), 142 SEK, 143 SEK, 144 SEK, 146 SEK

Finland (Helsinki), 187 SEK, 198 SEK, 213 SEK, 226 SEK

France (Paris), 271 SEK, 292 SEK, 306 SEK, 321 SEK

Germany (Berlin), 271 SEK, 292 SEK, 306 SEK, 321 SEK

Greece (Athens), 306 SEK, 384 SEK, 418 SEK, 442 SEK

Iceland (Reykjavik), 390 SEK, 692 SEK, 856 SEK, 1005 SEK

Italy (Rome), 306 SEK, 384 SEK, 418 SEK, 442 SEK

Japan (Tokyo), 536 SEK, 983 SEK, 1333 SEK, 1488 SEK

Malta (Valetta), 551 SEK, 1016 SEK, 1412 SEK, 1730 SEK

Monaco (Monte-Carlo), 306 SEK, 384 SEK, 418 SEK, 442 SEK

Netherlands (Amsterdam), 219 SEK, 234 SEK, 254 SEK, 264 SEK

New Zeeland (Wellington), 536 SEK, 983 SEK, 1333 SEK, 1488 SEK

Norway (Oslo), 163 SEK, 164 SEK, 166 SEK, 168 SEK

Poland (Warsawa), 294 SEK, 352 SEK, 376 SEK, 398 SEK

Portugal (Lissabon), 306 SEK, 384 SEK, 418 SEK, 442 SEK

Russia (Moscow), 536 SEK, 983 SEK, 1333 SEK, 1488 SEK

South Africa (Cape Town), 536 SEK, 983 SEK, 1333 SEK, 1488 SEK

Spain (Madrid), 306 SEK, 384 SEK, 418 SEK, 442 SEK

Switzerland (Bern), 321 SEK, 371 SEK, 433 SEK, 471 SEK

Turkey (Ankara), 457 SEK, 850 SEK, 1159 SEK, 1313 SEK

United Kingdom (London), 219 SEK, 234 SEK, 254 SEK, 264 SEK

USA (Washington DC), 457 SEK, 850 SEK, 1159 SEK, 1313 SEK

Åland (Mariehamn), 302 SEK, 314 SEK, 328 SEK, 342 SEK

A freight insurance cost can also be added with 1% of the total order value, but +78 SEK at the lowest.
For example:
1. 1000 SEK in order value = +78 SEK in insurance.
2. 10000 SEK in order value = +100 SEK in insurance.

Our products have different delivery time depending on stock status.
If the products are in our stock the order is sent as soon as we can, normally within 1-2 days.
For orders in which one or more products are not in our stock the delivery time for the whole shipment is when all products are manufactured or back in stock. See FAQ for estimated delivery times on non-stock items.
Part delivery can only be sent after agreement.

According to distance sales law a consumer have the right to regret their purchase within 14 days. However, this does not apply to companies and not for all products, see below.

Stock items
Full right of return within 14 days from the date of delivery of the goods to the customer.

Non-stock items
Since most non-stock items are manufactured to order, a return is only possible after approval. Additional return shipping from us to the supplier may apply if the products is not manufactured by us. Also a percentage return fee may be present. Each case is handled unique and different depending on the product. Please contact us before sending anything back in these cases.

Please understand that we do not charge these fees to make money from you return, but that we ourselves have to pay for return shipping and return fees, if we even can return a non-stock item to our supplier.

Because of the above, please contact us with any questions and doubts before you order!

Preconditions for the right of return
# The product must not have been used and must be able to sell as new again.
# The packaging must be intact and clean.
# Return of electronic items are approved provided that the package seal is not broken.
# Returns can not be made by C.O.D.
# Please attach a copy of your receipt/invoice.
# Append account details for refund. When paying via Card/Paypal, a refund is made to the paying account. In all cases the account details are compared with bill payers to prevent money laundering.

Return fees
When a product is returned to us, you as a customer pay for return shipping. Contact us if you want to use our freight agreement.

If you do not pickup your package you are charged for the shipping cost and return shipping.

If you also ordered a non-stock item and do not pickup your package we will contact you to discuss if we will try to return the product according to the paragraph "WITHDRAWAL / OPEN BUY - Non-stock items", or be forced to bill you for all charges before the goods can be sent again.

If we can not get in contact by phone or email within one week after the item arrived in the return, we will have to bill you for all charges before the item can be re-sent or returned to the supplier.

If you notice upon receiving that the shipment is damaged, you must immediately notify the the carrier, then to us.

Orders can be delivered to most countries. For delivery to countries outside the EU, and for companies with a valid VAT number in the EU (except Sweden), VAT will not be added to the specified price. For Private purchases and delivery to countries within the EU VAT will be added to the specified price.

Payment Terms Export
Payment is made in advance and by bank transfer.

DLI TEKNIK provides a one-year warranty (or as long warranty as the manufacture provides) on all products. Always save the reciept/invoice, as this must always be presented for the guarantee to apply. The warranty only applies to the original purchaser.

During the warranty period DLI TEKNIK reserves the right to repair or replace the product, in some cases the product may be repurchased.

At warranty claims, the customer pays for shipping to us. For approved warranty issues or by us wrong-delivered goods the return shipping costs will be refunded. Replacements occur naturally without any shipping cost.

For the warranty to be valid, the customer must be sure that the product is correct before installing, and that the product is handled with care and not be subjected to greater stresses than is considered normal.

If you alter the product out of our knowledge the warranty is void.

Since most of our products are intended for modification/rebuilding, tuning and racing, the warranty covers the product itself, not other peripheral costs such as parts and labor.

We never sell or convey your information with third parties. We only log the information necessary for you to be able to make purchases, such as address and name. E-mail address is required for us to send the order confirmation/invoice and order status information.

We log IP address only for use in false orders.

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