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Dual vs single mass

Question: What means a change from dual mass to single mass flywheel?


Our single mass flywheels often replaces the original dual mass flywheels mounted to many cars from the mid 90s.

These dual mass flywheels often break, especially when tuning, and can then create vibration, noise and a slipping clutch. When switching to a single mass flywheel you eliminate the risk that the flywheel breaks or clutch slippage, but the vibrations and the noises may remain.

This is because a dual mass flywheel is a torsion damper which, in addition to transmit the power from the engine to the gearbox, also dampens noise and vibrations in the transmission.

If you change this damper to a massive flywheel you can instead get increased noise and vibration from the transmission. However, this is different depending on model and engine. Some cars are completely quiet after a change, while others can sound a lot.

This can not be determine in advance. We have for example had two identical cars, fitted with identical flywheels, where one was silent while the other had noise.

We therefore wish to draw your attention that this can happen and not because it is anything wrong with the product you bought. We will not take back the product, which no longer can be sold as new, because of this.

Our recommendation to minimize these potential noises and vibrations is to combine the flywheel with a torsion disc, a torsional vibration damper. A heavy flywheel can also dampen the noise, especially on a diesel. But since diesel engines are the most common to get these noises a new dual mass flywheel, which we also sell, may actually be the best solution for those looking for the best comfort.

If you however are looking for a secure, sustainable and acceleration-enhancing product, a single mass flywheel is right for you.

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