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Cylinder head gaskets

These multi layer steel gaskets (MLS) are developed for use in tuned engines with high cylinder pressures and high combustion temperatures, but they also fit OEM-engines.

Pulsating combustion pressures of up to 120/200bar (petrol/diesel) and gas temperatures over 1000°C put a lot of stress on the gasket. Stress these gaskets are made to handle!

We offer gaskets from different manufacturers such as Ajusa, Athena, Cometic, Goetze, JE, Victor Reinz and Wiseco.

On the whole, all gaskets are equal and therefore most differ in bore size and thickness.

We have not had the time to add the products to these engines yet, so please see the manufacturers webpages and then send your request to us by e-mail.

If you find a listed product, please use their part number as reference for your price request.

If you can not find anything this your engine, send us an e-mail with your request!
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